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ActiveLook® : the digital evolution of the sports eyewear

The first compact and lightweight system to transform regular sports glasses into a perfect way to view performance information

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The Julbo EVAD-1, the first sports glasses powered by ActiveLook, are available to order!


Take your brand to the next level

Sport Apps now visible on Bluetooth® connected glasses

The ready to use innovation for sport brands and eyewear manufacturers

A win-win alliance: play a complementary and decisive role in the sport market


Be a leader of the sports innovation. Strengthen your image and brand experience.

Give your customers the most effective technology to visualize their performance in real time.

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Join the emerging trend in the sports market

There’s a growing community of active people that love to share their passion through applications and social media.

The ActiveLook system

Designed to fit in a regular pair of protective glasses, ActiveLook® provides a complete active-lenses head-up display solution to accelerate your product innovation.

Lens technology

A patented technology to be applied to your lenses and make then "active".

The module

A miniaturized, light and powerful display module with ultra high brightness and very low power consumption

A complete system

A software to easily pair sport glasses via Bluetooth® with the most popular sport apps on smartphones and smartwatches.

The ActiveLook applications are available on the stores

A growing number of brands are going to launch their ActiveLook products in 2020

Broaden your App horizons,

enter the ActiveLook World.

It's easy with the dedicated SDK.

The ActiveLook creative program is designed to help developers adapt their apps and make them visible on sport glasses.


Designed and produced by Microoled, a leading firm in OLED Microdisplays.

From Microoled research laboratories, the world's smallest high efficiency AMOLED microdisplay.

Extreme miniaturisation
Invisible technology, amazing performance.

Low consumption, no weight
Low power consumption to drastically reduce the battery weight: every gram counts.

Very high brightness
The best visibility even in the full sunlight.

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The Julbo EVAD-1, the first sports glasses powered by ActiveLook, are available to order!