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Real-time sports metrics now visible on Bluetooth® connected glasses

Powering a New Generation of Smart Glasses

Miniaturized, lightweight and invisible, ActiveLook® is the new head-up display technology that can easily be integrated into sport glasses to display real-time performance metrics.

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The ActiveLook system

Designed to fit in a regular pair of protective glasses, ActiveLook® provides a complete active-lenses head-up display solution to accelerate your product innovation.

Lens technology

A patented technology to be applied to your lenses and make then "active".

The module

A miniaturized, light and powerful display module with ultra high brightness and very low power consumption

A complete system

A software to easily pair sport glasses via Bluetooth® with the most popular sport apps on smartphones and smartwatches.

Designed for the Optimal Active Experience

Build for Rigorous Activity.

Low weight, miniaturized form factor and rugged design satisfies the most demanding athlete.

Engineered for Outdoor Use

Extreme weather resistance, up to 12 hours of battery life and exceptional brightness ensures reliable performance in nearly all conditions.

Power saving mode: up to 30 hours of autonomy

Ambient Light Sensor: Vivid clarity and brightness, even in full sunlight

Unobtrusive Personalized Display

Users choose how to display and position the data that matters most.

Gesture-based Interface

Optional gesture control enables operation with just the wave of a hand.

Reliable Bluetooth® Connection with any device

Our open API simplifies Bluetooth connectivity between any Device and App and any ActiveLook® glasses.

The ActiveLook® applications are available on the stores

An Extensible Ecosystem

The ActiveLook® ecosystem is engineered to flexibly integrate data sources from a wide range of devices and sports applications allowing us to easily accommodate the market's latest smart devices and avoid obsolescence.

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"It only took me a few hours to connect my ActiveLook® glasses to my Forerunner 245 and display my pace and heart rate!"

Sylvain, Connect IQ Developer

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